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By James Moore


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Whilst the eyes of the LSE appear to be on Horse Hill just north of Gatwick (3 miles) the eyes of industry are firmly on Lidsey (Nr Bognor Regis). To be clear we believe that the markets have missed a trick as the excitement of HH is growing, the secret weapon is Lidsey which has been brewing nicely in the background. ValueTheMarkets has been given exclusive information from a credible source Mr X.

Mr X has been flat out avoiding detection but reported the normal modest onsite vehicles along with a big Mercedes leading us to believe that the suits were onsite. No Doubt this will be to avoid causing unnecessary speculation that they are out of London day to day (Mon-Fri), we know otherwise!!!

Below we show here that the drilling crew are active and working, we suggest that the company are about to release a detailed report of their findings.

Analysis will quantify the findings from Lidsey but rest assured that Mondays markets eyes will swing over to UK Oil & Gas for a very different reason, we here at ValueTheMarkets will go the extra mile to deliver exclusivity. We hope that this is yet another string to our every growing bow.

Stay tuned for further updates here at – “Don’t be surprised to see Angus taken out”


Author: James Moore

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