Update Arian Silver

By Richard Mason


By Doc Holiday

On Sunday I had the great opportunity discuss rugby with a well informed Wales patriot v English football supporter, naturally I couldn’t agree on Wales being better than us at anything ( keeping true to an Englishmen’s ignorance ) however we did have a good chat about the companies most recent announcements.


  • No further need for imminent funding

  • MOU signed with a familiar group keen to progress into a new asset

  • Jim views the warrant holders as the obvious funding arm at 1.5-2p plus

  •  The new assets holds far more value than any other mine the company has screened within its region.


To say Jim was upbeat on a deal being struck was an understatement, I feel the interview was candid and to the point. I suspect the experience of already having put a commercial mine into production as a great help as Arian look to grow the business out of micro cap poverty.



Author: Richard Mason

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