XPhyto (CSE:XPHY│OTC:XPHYF) – an exhilarating biotech company with Big Pharma potential!

By Richard Mason


Have you ever wondered how the Big Pharma companies got so big?

Just look at some of their market caps.

Roche (SWX:RO) is worth $290 billion.

Novartis (SWX:NOVN) is worth $220 billion.

America’s Merck (NYSE:MRK) and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) are valued at $210 billion and $200 billion respectively.

These figures are simply mind blowing.

Throughout this year’s Covid-19 crisis, the pharmaceutical sector has once again proven itself to be recession-proof.

It’s an interesting fact, but in each of the three recessions over the last 30 years, healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP has actually GONE UP.

It’s unlikely to be any different this time around.

As we enter the most severe recession since the 1930s, the pharma sector is attracting hot money.

While the big stocks have been a safe haven for investors, some of their smaller peers have soared six or seven times higher as they rush to develop possible cures for the pandemic.

Most of these companies will no doubt fall short of their promises.

But some will succeed.

Those that do deliver will be granted an exclusive place at the Big Pharma table.

And their shareholders will become rich.

XPhyto’s (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) TRIPLE shot at the Big League

Have you ever considered how small drug manufacturers transform into global superpowers?

What exactly are the essential ingredients for a company to make that enormous leap forward?

The answer is straightforward.

Usually, you would expect a company on the verge of a Big Pharma breakthrough to have at least one of the following:

  1. An exclusive blockbuster product that can be marketed across the world; or

  2. A product or service experiencing ultra-high demand due to some sort of emergency; or

  3. A wholly owned distribution channel, to market high-grade products through at competitive prices

Now, what if you were to learn of a young company that features not one, not two, but all three of these qualities?

Suppose you came across a pioneering biopharma firm that was developing:

  1. Proprietary “thin film” oral dissolvable tabs that can be used to deliver precise doses of practically every medicine on the planet.

  2. A Covid-19 biosensor that uses thin film oral tabs to identify cases ‘live’ in the field.

  3. A market-leading, high-grade medical cannabis distribution business across Germany, Europe’s largest market.

Can you imagine how high a stock like this could fly?

More importantly, wouldn’t you want to come along for the ride?

Enter XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF).

Trillions of dollars wasted each year on ineffective drug delivery

XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) is in the early chapters of what is fast becoming a compelling story.

But before you can picture and get a feel for XPhyto’s (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYFgame-changing thin film technology, it is important first to grasp the sheer scale of the problem it addresses.

Effective drug delivery is one of the greatest real-life challenges facing modern medicine.

According to the latest research, correct medicine use among patients globally is as low as 50%.

This figure should shock you.

Think about it.

Trillions of dollars are spent each year on medicines the world over.

Yet, people are not taking them as prescribed.

Why not?

One reason identified by medical professionals is drug delivery itself.

This has always been one of the greatest challenges when treating and caring for patients in some of the most vulnerable groups.

Consider the ordeal faced by Parkinson’s sufferers, who have poor grip and the shakes.

Not only can opening a tablet bottle or foil strip be a trial, but also swallowing pills or capsules can be nearly impossible.

It is hard to imagine how a simple thing like taking a tablet could cause so much confusion, distress and frustration.

And that’s not to mention the dangers associated with failing to take prescribed medicines regularly.

Now, if you take into account that older people are by far the highest proportional users of prescription medicines in the world, the enormous opportunity should become clear.

If an innovative company could find a more effective method for drug delivery, it would improve the lives of millions of patients AND become an instant blockbuster hit.

Thin film technology – a medical marvel, poised to transform drug delivery

Vektor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF), has developed just such a product.

Using its proprietary thin film technology, Vektor has created an oral dispersal film that can be dosed with exact amounts of medication.

These oral “wafers” melt in the mouth and the medicines go straight into the bloodstream.

It’s a simple idea, but the implications are huge.

‘Melt in the mouth’ medicines have the potential to improve medical care immensely.

Not only are the precise doses simpler and safer to administer, but new drugs can also be applied to the thin film wafers with ease.

And the clinical trial process is streamlined because the drugs are already approved.

Just load and go!

This will be the key to unlocking XPhyto’s (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) enormous potential.

The applications of its thin film technology are extremely wide-ranging.

We’ve already mentioned how beneficial thin film wafer might be for Parkinson’s’ sufferers, but consider how much better the delivery of cannabidiol (“CBD”) on a flavoured oral strip to an epileptic child would be.

For weary parents, struggling to get their sons or daughters to swallow the correct amount of bitter CBD oil, the thin film wafer would be an incredible blessing.

Well, you will be unsurprised to learn that XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) is already ahead of the field for both conditions.

The company is in the later stages of producing oral wafers, infused with an approved therapeutic, for Parkinson’s and a CBD product aimed at treating epilepsy. With the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency having just taken the CBD drug Epidiolex off the controlled substances list, the timing for this could not be better.

Like we said, this technology has game-changing potential, but it is the speed at which XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) can develop new products that gives this company such a razor-sharp commercial edge.

Covid-19 has provided a perfect testing ground.

In the frontline against Covid-19, XPhyto’s (CSE:XPHY, OTC:XPHYF) rapid biosensor deployment

The global spread of the Coronavirus has stunned the world… and thrust XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) into the limelight.

As we all know, there is an urgent and immediate need for quality Covid-19 testing methods.

Until a cure is found, the best we can hope for is to manage its spread.

To flatten the curve.

So far, the only solution has been through lockdown, but we can’t stay hidden away forever.

For life to have a chance of returning to normal, diagnoses will need to be “live”.

Tests cannot be limited to hospitals alone; they will need to be available everywhere – in airports, at sports events, in workplaces, at mass gatherings and so on.

A biosensor that gives an instant reading “in the field” is an obvious answer to this problem.

In the early days of the crisis, XPhyto (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) was approached by the German creators of a peptide-based biosensor platform that happens to react with taste buds when a specific pathogen is present.

Just imagine that.

What better way could there be to administer such a solution than through an oral thin film wafer?

Within a few weeks of receiving the original enquiry, XPhyto’s (CSE:XPHYOTC:XPHYF) labs was designing a thin film oral delivery platform for peptide-based biosensors, not just for this novel Covid-19 testing, but for the rapid creation of new biosensor products for future pandemics threats as well!

No other firm in this space at this level has the technical knowledge, the manufacturing equipment or the testing capability to deliver such rapid, innovative drug delivery products.

So, if you’re looking for a high-growth stock with plenty of Big Pharma potential, then you’ve come to the right place.


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