Ynvisible Interactive Inc. – a tech unicorn poised for explosive growth! (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF│1XNA:GR)

By Patricia Miller


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Imagine a world where every surface you can see is able to communicate with you intelligently.

Every single surface.

Your kitchen counter top, the walls surrounding you, the mirror in your bathroom, your cereal box, the milk carton in the fridge, a bottle of wine, a label on your shirt, or even a patch on your arm; all of them transformed into wafer-thin digital displays.

All able to communicate valuable information that will ultimately make life easier to manage.

Does this sound far-fetched?

After all, don’t digital displays require solid circuit boards, hard shells, and sizeable power sources?

Well not anymore.

Thanks to significant recent advances in the emergent field of printed electronics, it is now possible to create powerful, flexible, micro-thin electronically-controllable displays at a surprisingly low cost.

Billions of ordinary items around the world are set for transformation into diagnostic apps, timers, sensors, and all manner of other “smart tags” in an explosion of intelligent objects.

One firm is at the forefront of this next great technological wave; Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR).#

You probably have not yet heard of this company.

It is one of the market’s best-kept secrets.

However, once you find out what this firm has developed, you will be amazed at what is in store for Ynvisible’s shareholders.

The printed electronics revolution is upon us – Buy Ynvisible (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR)

This is an electronic printed smart tag.

It is the future.

smart tag is a flexible, micro-thin, electronically-controlled tag that has been “printed” using special electronic inks and traditional printing techniques.

Yes, that’s right.

You read it correctly.

This self-contained, electronic device has been printed!

It contains its own power source, data processor, and visual display. It does not need any other equipment or intervention.

The smart tag takes a reading, processes the data, and displays the result instantly.

It is that simple.

The applications for these smart tags are boundless.

Being able to manufacture wafer-thin digital displays on an industrial scale opens up a world of possibilities for innovative companies across all sectors.

From supply chain logistics and healthcare to premium consumer brands, the largest global firms are rushing to develop products that take full advantage of this sensational new technology.

But how is it possible to “print” electronics?

Ynvisible’s (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR) chief executive, Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, explains it best:

“Printed electronics are remarkably simple to understand, albeit a new concept for the market to absorb.

Specially designed ‘electronic inks’, which act as electrical conductors, are printed in thin, flexible layers of stacks, using standard printing techniques.

Essentially, a soft, bendable circuit board is printed, where each stack of electronic ink performs a specific function in the electronic device. These functional stacks include the power source, a stack for control and activation, and one for picture presentation.

Ynvisible’s proprietary, printed ink sets are market-leading, with our core specialism being the creation of micro-thin flexible visual displays. These can be produced in the form of a smart tag, which can be applied onto nearly any device or surface.

This is our technology’s critical cutting edge.”

Printed electronic displays that use Ynvisible’s patented and proprietary electronic inks are ultra-low power.

They consume five times less energy than the closest competing displays, meaning they are more powerful and lighter weight.

In fact, Ynvisible’s electronic inks are so superior to what is already out there that the company has been able to stake its claim as the market-leader of what promises to be a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

The potential is immense, and might be much closer than you realise…

Watch this special webinar to discover how quickly Ynvisible’s (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR) technology is coming to international markets

Ynvisible (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR) – targeting global scale

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in Ynvisible (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR) is that the worldwide infrastructure already exists to roll out printed electronic devices

This is because Ynvisible’s electronic inks are printed using conventional printing equipment.

That’s right.

There will be no need to invest in a $10 billion state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in some electronics production hot spot.

Instead, the industrial printers already exist and are used extensively on a daily basis.

“Screen-printing” is a well-known printing technique. It is most commonly used to print on cloth, garments, and other common materials such as paper, plastics and laminates.

According to IBISWorld, the market for screen-printing in the USA alone is worth $8.5 billion a year, but is relatively flat.

This presents an incredible opportunity for Ynvisible.

There are 12,500 screen-printing houses across America. Globally, there are tens of thousands more.

Generally, these are solidly profitable companies that would welcome new lines of business. Although demand for screen-printing is consistent, its prospects for growth are limited.

Until now.

With the introduction of printed electronics, traditional screen-printers are on the cusp of a radical overhaul.

The anticipated explosion in printed electronic devices could see demand for screen-printing services soar.

It is no wonder that Kuusisto is so bullish about Ynvisible’s prospects:

“To print electronic displays one only needs standard equipment like screen printers, to produce layers of functional inks.

However, where traditional graphic printing produces basic images, printed electronics create smart flexible displays with color changing images.

Using our market-leading Ynvisible™-branded ink formulations, large-scale printing houses will be able to produce millions of printed electronic units. They will continue to print using the same methods.

The key message to take away is that our technology is highly-scalable and is now going into global manufacturing, with our inks at the core.”

With its range of patented and proprietary inks, Ynvisible has this exciting new industry in the palm of its hands.

The company now has a clear shot at becoming the next HP or Epson, but in the printed electronic space.

How Ynvisible (TSXV: YNV │OTCQB: YNVYF1XNA:GR) will become the dominant player in the printed electronics world

First mover advantage is crucial for tomorrow’s tech-champions.

The biggest winners in trailblazing new markets are invariably those firms that seize the early initiative.

The printing industry provides a perfect case in point.

In the early 1960s, Hewlett Packard and Seiko Epson both entered the printing sector during its early infancy.

Over the next 50 years, as printing became a part of everyday life, these two companies went on to become household names. They built businesses worth billions of dollars, with printer ink being their most profitable line.

After all, you cannot print without ink.

And if billions of items are being printed every day, the consumption of that ink is vast.

Exactly the same will happen in the printed electronics space.

Thanks to the advances made in its laboratories and printing lines, Ynvisible has already staked its claim as a market-leader in electronic display ink sets.

The company is making dramatic improvements to the performance and cost of its electronic inks.

The world is now ready for widescale use of printed electronics.

We are about to experience a true technology revolution in action, with Ynvisible™-branded inks perfectly positioned to become the go-to-product for printed electronic displays.

Over the coming years, expect to see hundreds of millions, if not billions, of micro-thin printed electronic devices start to appear on people’s arms or around their necks, on packaging boxes or crates, on home worktops or office desks.

And the printed electronic displays will be made with Ynvisible’s inks.


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Author: Patricia Miller

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