EXCLUSIVE: David Lenigas & Doc Holiday bury the hatchet to talk Broadford Bridge, Horse Hill, Lithium Cobalt, Stock Manipulation & much more!

By Richard Mason


Two of AIM’s greatest rivals join together in this exclusive, wide-ranging interview. From the Kimmeridge limestones and British energy security to exciting new cobalt plays and market manipulation, Big Dave opens up. Companies talked about include ANGS, BCN, DOR, EDR, EMH, EOG, KDNC, KRS, UJO and UKOG.

Listen to Doc and Dave discuss the latest developments with Cadence (formerly REM) and Artemis in Australia, as well as Keras Resources and its exciting cobalt business. The conversation then moves on to the growth of UK onshore oil production and the contribution Doriemus, Angus Energy and UK Oil & Gas are making in building this growing sector. From the significance of the Kimmeridge limestones, to the progress at Broadford Bridge and Brockham, Big Dave waxes lyrical about the enormous potential here (the Weald basin could end up covering 1,800sq milers), as well as taking passing pot shots at the critics and anti-oil campaigners.

Doc then quizzes AIM’s “greatest stock promoter” on the shares he currently sees value in, before Big Dave declares that politicians in Westminster should take away planning power from local authorities, who too often obstruct development of the nationally important oil & gas sector. The conversation closes with Lenigas sharing some thoughts on why companies need to raise funds and how without this the market wouldn’t work.

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Author: Richard Mason

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