This exciting under-the-radar firm is set to soar as it helps to bring crypto to the mainstream

By Mark Sheridan


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Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies are generating sky-high revenues by opening up the booming world of crypto to millions.


Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies – Generating sky-high revenues by opening up the booming world of crypto to millions

Cryptocurrencies were relatively easy to overlook when they first emerged.

For every headline about soaring Bitcoin prices making overnight millionaires of super-smart technical types, there was another warning of extreme volatility and bubble market territory.

This uncertainty – coupled with the relatively alien concept of “digital money” at the time – made it a lot easier for the vast majority of us to stick to the investments we did understand.

Especially given we were in the midst of the longest equity bull market in history.

But fast forward to now, and the crypto market is an entirely different beast.

Prices continue to surge to record highs, with Bitcoin crossing the $50,000 market for the first time in February….

But today, it’s no longer because investors are simply taking a punt.

Now they’re parting with their hard-earned cash because world-leading investment banks like JP Morgan and Citibank are earmarking crypto as their preferred currency for international trade…

Because regulators in the US and Europe are eagerly embedding crypto into their market infrastructure…

And because everyone from Tesla and Paypal to Visa and Mastercard is jumping into the space with both feet.

Fact is: cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the face of the future global financial system.

It all means that ignoring the space and getting left behind is simply no longer an option. Especially with crypto investment returns sitting at multiples of almost any other area of a global market currently battling through the early stages of a post-Covid recovery.

However, there remains one critical problem…

Many people still don’t understand cryptocurrencies.

Aside from wondering how to actually buy, store, and spend assets like Bitcoin, a lot of the general public hold serious reservations about the security of these digital currencies.

But this is where Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies is making a difference. The company has recently come to market with a definitive solution for these concerns.

It’s offering its customers a simple and safe entry point into the world of crypto before allowing them to profit from and participate in its growth.

And, as you’ll see, the revenues it stands to generate from doing so – as its rapid expansion continues – could hold the key to huge returns for early investors in this innovative Canadian tech firm.


Cloud Nine’s operations center around several patented products being vended-in from tech peer Limitless.

The range of products helps to turn individuals interested in crypto into fully-fledged miners who are able to spend their profits on an everyday basis.

And all the while, these products generate powerful revenues for Cloud Nine itself.

How does it work?

Well, it begins with Next Decentrum, anonline education platform.

Alongside sector experts and leading universities, Cloud Nine has created a range of easy-to-understand online guides covering the essentials of Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto generally.

Most critically, the guides are free, providing the firmwith an effective way of bringing interested individuals into its ecosystem.

From here, the company offers users who now want to ease themselves into the crypto sector access to its second product; the LimitlessVPN Miner.

This nifty piece of software – which is also free to download – provides users with all the performance and security benefits of a Virtual Private Network on their desktop computer or laptop…

But it also uses their excess processing power to actually mine cryptocurrencies.

No complex hardware, no extra energy, no active engagement – LimitlessVPN works quietly in the background all day every day to generate risk-and-cost-free revenues for its users.

And these revenues are becoming extremely meaningful for Cloud Nine, too.

You see, on average, LimitlessVPN generates around $13-14 of mining revenue per month per user of which Cloud Nine receives – again on average – a $7.30 cut.

On its own, this figure might look small.

But when you consider that 100,000 users are already on the waiting list for LimitlessVPN…

And that Cloud Nine is confident of growing its userbase to one million individuals by the end of 2021, with multiples of growth expected beyond that…

It becomes very clear that utilizing excess user processing power to mine cryptocurrencies can generate huge shareholder value in a short space of time.

Especially with Cloud Nine’s market cap sitting at just C$38.4 million.

And especially with the company also offering a second mining product to users who are enjoying the free monthly profits LimitlessVPN generates for them and want to earn more.

It’s called the MicroBlock Miner and it is a near-silent set-top box that sits in the corner and can mine up to six different cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Unlike LimitlessVPN, which is free, it costs $650 upfront. But because its mining capacity is so high, customers can pay for the cost of their box within six to eight months.

Everything from that point onwards is pure profit.

And that’s not even to mention the fact that the MicroBlock miner is around a tenth of the cost of a standard cryptocurrency rig and can mine many different coins rather than the standard one.

The market cap for ‘altcoins’ — essentially all other currencies other than Bitcoin — has just made fresh all-time highs at $565 billion and will likely continue to grow exponentially throughout 2021. So, this optionality could prove to be extremely valuable for MicroBlock Miner users – and Cloud Nine itself – moving forward.

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A frictionless way of spending crypto


After being engaged in the crypto world and handed two ways to profit, Cloud Nine’s users need somewhere to store and spend what they earn.

This is another key part of the cryptocurrency infrastructure. But it’s also another one that people struggle with: mining is one thing, but how do people actually spend what they have safely?

Cloud Nine’s Limitless X2Crypto Wallet provides them with an easy-to-use solution.

You see, as well as allowing them to store and trade the coins they’ve mined and new cryptocurrencies, the wallet offers a credit card component in partnership with Visa.

It means that users can spend their crypto anywhere that accepts it as a payment or convert it to fiat currency on-site wherever Visa is accepted.

So basically, everywhere.

It’s a frictionless way of getting crypto spending into the mainstream. But it’s also an excellent way of giving Cloud Nine and its investorsexposure to the global phenomenon of digital wallets.

Digital wallets are an increasingly popular gateway to a massive list of services in personal finance, banking, insurance, and investing.

A single digital wallet is valued at between $250 and $1,900 today. But as they take over traditional banking functions? They’re projected to soar to $20,000 per user by 2025.

Banks spend on average $1,000 to acquire every single user, because of the potential for long-term revenue generation. With X2Crypto Wallet and its ecosystem driving users in and holding onto them through its innovative four-stage model, the user acquisition cost is $20.

That’s 50 times more cost-effective than a legacy bank.

Not only that, but X2Crypto Wallet users are also rewarded for spending in a similar way to the standard cashback or air miles programs on traditional credit cards.

However, there’s one key difference; they are rewarded with crypto instead.

With inflation rising and interest rates at zero (and going negative) the purchasing power of cash gets eaten up minute by minute. Likewise, the value of air miles never changes.

Instead, every X2Crypto purchase nets the customer a small percentage of a coin at a time when markets are soaring.

As Cloud Nine president Sefton Fincham puts it: “It’s like using a VISA card and getting digital gold daily as a bonus when gold prices are rising.”

With so many institutional investors now using cryptocurrency as a portfolio hedge against inflation, rampant quantitative easing and the falling value of cash…

Maximizing user exposure through a crypto credit card could be another way in which Cloud Nine supercharges its business growth.

Primed for a rerating?

Bottom line is: millions of people around the world want to take part in the crypto boom but are unsure of where to start.

Cloud Nine’s Limitless ecosystem offers an innovative entry point that guides them towards mining and spending coins.

Crucially, the company also establishes revenue-generating exposure to the crypto market for itself every step of the way.

This exposure is becoming more valuable with every passing day.

Trillions in transaction value are about to flood into cryptocurrency, as the likes of VISA, Mastercard, Paypal enable crypto payments. Likewise, major financial institutions around the world are now buying cryptocurrency in huge amounts, pushing prices to new record highs.

Against this backdrop, Cloud Nine expects to generate multiples of revenues over the next three years as user numbers also swell across its product range.

So, with more and more investors looking for increasingly innovative ways to get exposure to the crypto market beyond buying tokens themselves…

Entering this company right now could prove to be a very smart move.

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