Could Snoop Dogg be on his way to becoming a Billionaire?

By Kirsteen Mackay


Snoop Dogg is a rapper and entertainment wizard who has made an increasing number of savvy investments over the years. He's one to watch for investing tips.

Snoop Dogg is effortlessly balancing the tightrope of street-cred and financial wizardry. The old school rapper never seems to age and is possibly cooler than he ever was. In fact, it seems his 90s pot-head persona has been upgraded to a grownup version, but no less likeable.

Snoop Dogg has an engaging personality and appeals to people of all ages, from all walks of life. He’s funny, down to earth, and clearly has a knack for spotting lucrative business opportunities when they pass by. Above all, his savvy investment prowess is glowing brightly as many start-ups he helped fund are well on their way to stardom.

When choosing whether to invest or endorse a company, Tha Doggfather has a checklist. First and foremost, it must be a quality product. He looks for innovation, solid management, and of course the potential for a decent return on investment.

He certainly appears to have made some excellent choices along the way.

So, let’s dive into some of Snoop Dogg’s savvy investments that are elevating his money-spinning wealth generation to new levels.

King of pot stocks

Cannabis stocks are enjoying a rebound into must-buy status. Snoop Dogg’s riding the crest of this wave from several angles thanks to Casa Verde Capital, an investment firm he co-founded in 2015. Furthermore, Casa Verde is a venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the cannabis industry.

The VC’s portfolio spans a selection of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and company fundraises. The fund raised $45 million in 2018, which it reinvested. Its great success since then meant it could open a second fund worth $100 million in December 2020.

Incredibly, the fund’s portfolio is now worth at least $200 million and includes the following innovative start-ups:

Proper, Metrc, Dutchie, Bespoke Financial, Vangst, Leaflink, OCT, Indose, Greentank, Miss Grass, Eaze, Merry Jane, Cargocast, Cannalysis, and Trellis.

Snoop Dogg's Cannabis investments

Snoop Dogg loves cannabis – Photographer: Esteban Lopez | Source: Unsplash

Cannabis is an industry with a growing user base as states and countries move to legalise, particularly for medical needs. But it’s also becoming increasingly competitive to operate in, and consolidation is beginning to take shape. Research firm Cowen sees US total available market demand reaching $34 billion or more by 2025.

It seems, Snoop Dogg’s outstanding track record in the cannabis sector is easily on a par with cannabis ETF guru Dan Ahrens.

See the end of this article for a run-down on Casa Verde Capital’s investments.

Snoop Dogg’s side hustles and income streams

Aside from this lucrative selection of pot stocks, Snoop Dogg is invested in several side hustles of his own.

Before getting serious about his investments, he dabbled in many areas. Often in partnership with his brother Bing. Specifically, these include skateboards, malt liquor, foot-long hot dogs, Doggy Biscuitz shoes, scooters, mobile phone accessories, streetwear, and apps. He even went so far as to create an adult film produced by Hustler.

His entrepreneurial spirit has been firing his creativity since day one and he’s never been shy of trying new tricks to get him noticed. In 2007, he was the first star to release a track, It’s the D.O.G., as a ringtone before releasing it as a single.

In 2013, his unique spin on digital stickers through the launch of his Snoopify app earned him a pretty penny. This allowed users to buy digital stickers featuring his face, joints, walrus hat and other random items to stick on their photos. It even included an animated sticker of a joint called the Golden Jay, which sold for nearly $100 a pop. This cult app was bringing in $30k a week by 2015.

Snoop Dogg was an early investor in Reddit in 2014. This was part of a Series B funding round which raised $50 million and valued the business at $500 million . Fast forward to 2021 and Reddit was recently valued at $6 billion! This popular online discussion platform is going places.

He invested in Eaze the same year and set up Merry Jane, his cannabis digital media business.

Leafs by Snoop

Leafs by Snoop launched in 2015, and is distributed through Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC). The LBS brand includes marijuana flowers, concentrates and edibles.

He recently commented:

“Leafs By Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer. LBS is blazing a trail for the industry.”

Leafs By Snoop #LBS @LeafsBySnoop

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) November 10, 2015

Leafs by Snoop launched in 2015

Other than the obvious music memorabilia, Snoop Dogg merchandise also includes vape pens, rolling papers, rolling tray and cradle, grinder, lighter, roach, bong, sunglasses, clothes, wine, slippers and much more.

And the emboldened character shows no signs of slowing down.

Gangsta Gaming League

In 2019, Snoop Dogg ventured into the video game business, creating an Esports league in 2019, in partnership with Merry Jane. Naming it the “Gangsta Gaming League” it debuted with a Madden NFL 19 tournament featuring eight of Snoop’s closest gaming friends, battling for the title of “Top Dogg” and a slice of an $11,000 prize pool.

Venturing into the Plant-Based Foods arena

Snoop Dogg helped promote Beyond Meat through its IPO period. It had the advantage of being the first vegan meat brand to publicly launch and its share price soared 163% on day one. Snoop took part in several adverts, promotional stunts, social media profile-raisers and product launches.

This led to Snoop creating his very own sandwich. Named the Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich, it featured a Beyond Meat patty with egg and cheese between two glazed donut halves. On the day of the sandwich unveiling the Beyond Meat share price rose 20%.

Every dogg has his day, and now this dogg is getting his own donut sandwich ?? Introducing the Beyond D-O-DOUBLE G, only @Dunkindonuts ! @Beyondmeat #ad

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) January 13, 2020

Beyond D-O-DOUBLE G, only @Dunkindonuts @Beyondmeat

He’s conscious of healthy eating and although not a full-blown vegan, he does advocate for plant-based foods and encourages his family to eat plant-based too.

Snoop Dogg promotes Beyond Meat

Snoop Dogg commented:

“I’ve always known about the benefits of CBD and THC, long before it became popular. Adding more plant-based foods and veggies into my life only elevated what I already knew,”

Wine and snacks

Last year his investments continued to expand as he launched a debut wine in collaboration with 19 Crimes, an Australian brand. The label features Snoop Dogg’s face and the limited edition run included “Snoop Cali Red” and “Snoop Cali Rosé”.

He also invested in vegan food company Outstanding Foods, for which he’s heavily promoted their Pigless Pork Rinds.

Snoop’s even getting into Hydroponics with his Premium Nutrients range of plant food to encourage rapid shoot development and growth.

He comments:

“I have a long-time passion for the best quality plants and have come to learn that you only get quality out if you put quality in. This is why I reached out to scientists worldwide who could formulate a line of nutrients, using only high-quality liquid ingredients that deliver exactly what plants need. Now that you’re using SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS, get ready for PREMIUM yields and quality.”

He’s been a seed investor in Philz Coffee, a customized US coffeehouse chain offering subscriptions, customized blends, and real-life coffee shops. GameOn Technology, a team of digital designers powering conversational AI for brands to get an edge on competitors. Convoz, an app for creating public collaborative conversation through video. And HOOKED, a mobile media company using AI to create hit content. It’s attempting to redefine entertainment for the Snapchat generation.

Further to this, recent successes include his early stakes in Klarna And Robinhood.

Klarna wears the European crown

Swedish Fintech Klarna, has exploded to prominence in the past year, allowing consumers to take finance on absolutely anything with its interest-free buy now, pay later phenomenon.

After achieving revenues exceeding $1 billion in 2020, it’s achieved the title of Europe’s highest-valued private fintech at $10.6bn (£7.6bn). And it’s now rumoured to be looking to IPO later this year.

Fashion group H&M invested $20 million in Klarna in 2018, while Macy’s, and Snoop Dogg, are also early stage investors.

Robinhood should boost Snoop Dogg’s bank balance

The GameStop (NYSE:GME) controversy that kicked off in January, hasn’t damaged Robinhood’s reputation in the way many feared. In fact, it’s just raised its profile and enhanced the likelihood of a successful Robinhood IPO. A recent SEC filing confirmed it will list on the NASDAQ and it’s now likely the company could fetch an astronomical valuation of $50 billion.

But that’s not all, Robinhood is yet again attempting to democratize the finance industry, by transitioning its platform to change the way investors take part in IPOs. It hopes to build a facility that will allow its users to buy shares in an IPO before they start trading. Starting with its own IPO, but hopefully offering the same option to other company IPOs in the future.

Snoop Dogg first invested in Robinhood way back in 2014, in a $13 million Series A funding round. Consequently, this means he got in when it was worth a miniscule fraction of what it could be worth at IPO. Being one of the very first people to see the potential, it may be safe to assume he’s made 100 times his money on this single investment.

Snoop and Martha

Over the years, Snoop Dogg has cultivated a questionable friendship with celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart.

It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails! ?

To make @MarthaStewart‘s Mulled Wine… create a sugar syrup with star anise, add a full bottle of wine (of course), bring to a simmer + serve! ?

— Martha & Snoop (@MarthaAndSnoop) December 23, 2020

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg make cocktails

The two co-host a cooking show together, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. It involves cookery demonstrations, cocktail making, games and music. They get along very well and are a hit with viewers.

In 2019 Martha Stewart created a line of CBD products for his Leafs by Snoop cannabis product line. She recently launched her own line under his guidance.

Snoop Dogg’s personal life

Born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., the Snoop Dogg name came from his childhood nickname of ‘Snoopy’ after the cartoon character. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a very young age as he took a newspaper round, sold candy, and bagged groceries to help support his family.

His early life was happy and filled with love and friendship. He enjoyed going to church, playing football and entertaining school friends with his confident rapping. But he hit a rough patch in his teens getting caught up in gang culture. This led to three years of intermittent jail time and troubles.

Nevertheless, his musical talent was noticed, and he got his first shot at stardom in 1992 when featuring on Dr. Dre’s debut solo single and album. Thus, saving him from a life of crime. Doggystyle, his own first solo album, was produced the following year by Dr. Dre.

“When I rapped in the hallways at school, I would draw such a big crowd that the principal would think there was a fight going on. It made me begin to realize that I had a gift. I could tell that my raps interested people and that made me interested in myself.”

To date, Snoop Dogg has sold over 35 million albums worldwide and 23 million albums in the US. With his ultra-smooth, laid-back delivery, he’s become a popular TV host and commentator.

Back in 2018, Snoop Dogg achieved the pinnacle of distinction when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The born-again Christian also coaches a youth football league in LA and high-school football team.

Snoop’s net worth is reportedly around $150 million, but contemplating all his business interests, this seems to severly underestimate the value of his many investments. With his fingers in so many pies, it seems he could be well on his way to becoming a Billionaire. There’s no doubt, this entertainment icon knows a good thing when he sees it. So it’s well worth watching Snoop Dogg for the next great investment opportunity to jump on.

Casa Verde Cannabis Investments:

The American rapper and media personality has invested in all these cannabis related companies via his Casa Verde Capital VC firm:


Proper develops and sells sleep supplements, including a hemp based one. It also sells sleep coaching solutions.


Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance) is a digital software platform state-mandated for end-to-end tracking of the cannabis supply chain, from seed to sale. Its credible regulatory frameworks and tools allow the government to efficiently monitor and enforce compliance.


Dutchie is a platform helping cannabis dispensaries get online. It’s creating a unique and pleasant user experience while mapping dispensaries throughout the united states. It’s also creating an all-in-one database of pot products and educational resources. It recently acquired Greenbits, another Casa Verde backed venture. Dutchie just raised $200 million, valuing it at over $1 billion. Read all about it in our previous Dutchie article.

Bespoke Financial

Bespoke Financial is a financial lender for cannabis companies, such as the dispensaries and growers that struggle to get financial help because banks are not regulated to do so yet. It’s founded by an ex Goldman Sachs banker and two agriculture entrepreneurs.


Vangst is a recruitment company solely focused on the cannabis industry.


Leaflink is a wholesale marketplace for cannabis products.


OCT (Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies) is a biotech researching cannabinoid-based medicines.


Indose is a technology company, the first medicinal device that measures dosage in medicinal cannabis products.

Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a digital magazine with its own cannabis branded merchandise. This is a female led powerhouse, on a mission to blend female empowerment with plant-based wellness.


Greentank makes the hardware for stylish and covetable cannabis products. This includes vape pens with customizations for mouthpieces, chargers, and packaging options.


Eaze is similar to Dutchie, in that it’s a marketplace selling pot and other cannabis products from dispensaries. But it specialises on the distribution front, with 20-minute delivery times and a one-stop-shop, rather than Dutchie’s go-local.

Merry Jane

Merry Jane is Snoop Dogg’s very own media platform for all things weed-related.


Cargocast is a digital platform, optimising warehouse and workforce using the internet of things location data. It can keep track of packages and pinpoint location within a two-foot radius.


Cannalysis operates a cannabis testing laboratory to meet or exceed state-level compliance standards.


Trellis is a cannabis inventory management software start-up.


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