Mobile Gaming: Small-Cap Seizing MAJOR Indian Opportunity

By Duncan Ferris


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Growing entertainment brand QYOU Media has announced the launch of a new-look real money gaming app, offering it an exciting new revenue stream.

Gaming and real-money gambling on a smartphone.

QYOU Media Inc. (TSXV: QYOU) (OTC: QYOUF) has announced a new push into the potentially lucrative real-money gaming space through the launch of a new-look app.

The new version of its casual mobile gaming app, QGAMESMELA, will include “freemium” capabilities.

This means cash prizes will be awarded to winners in both free and real money gaming contests on the platform, with players having the opportunity to boost winnings by combining them across either form of gameplay.

The app will be promoted over the coming months on the company’s wide array of broadcast and connected TV platforms in India, as well as through its owned and operated influencer agency, Chtrbox.

Let’s explore why India might be the perfect place for a push into mobile and real-money gaming…

India’s Gaming Opportunity

QYOU Media’s pivot towards mobile gaming and real-money gaming appears to be backed up by the numbers. Let’s explore why the mobile gaming opportunity in India looks so enticing.

First off, there’s simply the size of the Indian population and its basic makeup. The country has more than 1.4 billion people living in it and this population skews younger, with more than half of them being under the age of 30.

Additionally, the nation has a rapidly emerging middle class. Roughly a third of Indians are currently middle class, with this proportion expected to double over the next 25 years.

What this adds up to is an increasingly wealthy population who are spending more and more money on entertainment and technology.

For example, smartphone penetration in the country has increased very quickly, climbing from 35.44% in 2018 to 70.95% in 2023, according to Statista. This has also translated to a huge gaming market that is projected to rapidly grow in size, nearly tripling from $2.6bn to $8.6bn between 2022 and 2027 according to projections from Statista.

What’s more, mobile is by far the most popular platform for gaming. Indeed, 94% of gamers use their phones in India according to KPMG, compared to less than 10% using PC or consoles respectively.

Finally, it is key to note the prevalence of the Indian real money gaming market. In the financial year 2021, the value of the market stood at 49 billion Indian rupees, with forecasts estimating that the value of this sector would increase by 11 billion Indian rupees over the next four years.

With the enormous growth in smartphone adoption, as well as the mobile gaming and real money gaming markets, QYOU Media’s latest announcement looks like it could be a shrewd move to take advantage of a potentially major new revenue stream.

What The CEO Says

QYOU Media CEO and Co-Founder, Curt Marvis, commented:

“When we made the acquisition of Maxamtech Digital Ventures earlier this year, Xerxes Mullan and his team were determined to get us into the market in 2023 with a first-class Q-branded gaming app that combined a unique set of features for both free and real money gamers.

“We are confident the new release of QGAMESMELA marks the beginning of bringing that product to market. We all know that the gaming market in India continues to be the most dynamic of any country in the world and we feel we are in the right place at the right time with this launch. 

“Moving forward, we will continue to add new features while leveraging our audience on Q branded TV channels and via our growing network of influencer marketing relationships. We are confident this business will begin to have a material impact on our financial performance in the quarters and years to come and could not be more thrilled with today’s launch.”

Who is QYOU Media?

QYOU Media Inc. is one of the fastest-growing creator-media companies around. The business operates in India and the United States, producing, distributing and monetizing content created by social media influencers and digital content stars. QYOU Media’s millennial and Gen Z-focused content reaches over one billion monthly consumers worldwide. The company was founded and created by industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV, Disney and Sony.

In India, under its flagship brand The Q and on Connected TV, QYOU curates, produces and distributes premium content across television networks, video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms via mobile phones, smart TVs and app-based media. The Q‘s Indian channels include The Q, Q Kahaniyan, Q GameX, Q Comedistaan and Sadhguru TV.

Additionally, QYOU has numerous content destinations, apps and gaming platforms engaging over 125 million Indian households weekly. The company’s influencer marketing company, Chtrbox, has been a pioneer in India’s creator economy, leveraging data to connect brands to the right social media influencers.

Meanwhile, QGamesMela is a recently launched casual gaming business leveraging access to the large audience enjoyed by Q India products.

In the United States, QYOU powers major film studios, game publishers and brands to create content and market via creators and influencers. For instance, a recent record-breaking post for Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning amassed over 140 million views.

Plus, some of its QYOU USA influencer partners were honored and named in the Forbes Top Creators list of 2023.


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