Rockhopper Exploration.


Rockhopper Exploration are a UK-based Oil & Gas exploration company, In August 2005 the company were designed and floated with a view to exploiting the Oil & Gas potential in and around the Falkland’s waters, Exactly 11 years on and the company really has followed its own (in-house) mission statement of Explore, Appraise and Develop.…

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TLOU Energy


I caught up Colm Cloonan the finance director at TLOU Energy who talked me through the news released overnight in Australia which was presented at 7am on 5th July, The company intends to develop its gas field which will intern supply a gas to power coal bed methane power plant which will improve the cost…

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The Tiger Claws


By Doc Holiday    Metal Tiger really hit the ground running in 2016 with a colossal rise in price from 0.90p to highs of 5.70p giving the company a market cap of nearly £30million. Given the pace of news flow and the unsustainable share price it’s my belief that the reality of trading on aim could come…

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audioBoom ” What’s Next ”


audioBoom are an Aim listed mobile web connected device network which operates a digital on-demand streaming platform in the spoken word. The company has experienced some significant swings in momentum over recent months, yet we believe the current level represents potential opportunity given the current market capitalization of £16million. Having seen a sharp decline proceeding…

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Black Friday With African Potash

AFPO logo

This morning I caught up with Chris Cleverly CEO of African Potash, after a dreadful response to Friday’s RNS we talk about: The delay or breakdown in its deal of 20MT of fertilizer in Zambia The most recent deal which represents 50MT with a major partner The meeting of Uganda’s president as African Potash broadens…

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Arian Silver

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Today I caught up with Jim Williams of Arian Silver, clearly there has been a number of advances in the business since we last spoke to Jim and whilst he couldn’t give specific timelines I was left feeling things were happening a lot sooner rather than later. As ever it was a pleasure to catch…

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